Physical Wellness

A healthy body and body image are so important to your overall sense of well-being! Here are some great links and articles to help you love your body!

A Basic Natural Skincare Routine II star
In this second installment of a basic skin care routine, the focus is on the last three steps - mask, toner, and moisturizer.

Appreciating Nature in Spring star
Spring is a great time to reconnect to nature. In this article are some simple ways to do so.

Dance Belongs to You star
Create your own dances. Be the magnet. Be the source. Do it with audaciousness and take up your rightful space. It's just waiting on you.

Delicious Spring Detox Recipes star
Here are some delicious detox recipes. Detoxing doesn't have to be about sacrificing good food!

Detoxify Your Skin star
Spring is upon us! Everything is bursting with newness and refreshment. Why not include your skin in the revitalization? It´s time to make way for a brand new skin so to speak. Read on to find out some great ways to do this!

Essential Oils for Sunburn star
Lavender and Tea Tree oil are great essential oils for a sunburn, especially when coupled with coconut oil and/or aloe vera gel. Read on to find out how to use them...

Foods that Stop Hot Flashes star
Certain foods can help reduce the occurrence of hot flashes. Once you figure out which foods to incorporate, eating more of them is easy. This article gives you an idea of which foods to start eating more of.

Four Reasons why Honey is Good for You star
Honey is more than just a natural sweetener. Read this article for more reasons that honey is good for you...

Getting Started with Healthy Snacks star
Are you trying to eat healthier but not sure where to start? Why not start with incorporating healthy snacks! Read on for tips!

Heal Your Body star
BellaOnline´s New Age host reviews a wonderful book by Louise L. Hay that talks about the effect your emotions have in your physical ailments.

Healing Fibroids with Spices star
Certain spices can help shrink fibroids if regularly consumed. In this article, I talk about what those three spices are.

Healthy Winter Drinks star
Everyone is craving warm, comfy drinks for the cold winter days ahead here in the North. Spice up your usual choices with these delicious, yet healthy recipes! Super low calories and no guilt are great!

Herbal Container Gardening - From Seed star
Creating an Herbal Container Garden can be easy and rewarding! In this first article, I share with you my most valuable tips on starting from seeds.

Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu star
Instead of reaching for an OTC this cold season, try one of these herbal remedies!

Hobbies in the Summer star
Summer is upon us! Here is one way to grab hold of the energy of summer, no matter how busy you are...

Inexpensive Holiday Gift - A Handmade Recipe Book star
Are you looking for inexpensive holiday gift ideas? Why not make a recipe book for someone special! Read on to find out how.

Mind, Body, Spirit Cleansing for Spring star
Here are my favorite ways to cleanse and prepare for a wonderful spring and summer!

More Herb Indoor Garden Tips star
In this article, I talk about how to start your indoor herb garden from cuttings or small plants. There are great benefits to both!

Natural Cleaning Basics star
Here is a great goto list for the most essential items to be used to clean your home naturally and effectively, without harsh chemicals.

Natural Help for Allergies star
Allergy season is upon us! This article lists a few of my favorite defense mechanisms.

Physical and Emotional Heart Health star
February is Heart Health month so it is a great time to think about how you are taking care of your heart.

Physical Wellness Inventory star[offsite link]
What is physical wellness? Having trouble determining if you are really achieving it in your life? This handy inventory can help you evaluate! This is a wonderful away when you get there!

Red Raspberry for Menstrual Cramps star
Are you tired of popping pills for cramps? Wouldn´t it be nice to know there was some other alternative that was just as long lasting yet tons safer and not nearly as toxic? Read on to learn about your new savior, Red Raspberry.

Refuel Your Energy! star
Our Bellaonline Frangrance Editor gives you three great ways to refuel your energy and get yourself going again!

Remedies for Eczema star
Here are my favorite natural remedies for Eczema - sun caused and everyday.

Rosemary and Lavender Recipes star
Looking for some creative ways to use common container garden herbs? Here I share two recipes for some delicious foods.

Rosemary and Lavender Recipes star
Looking for some creative ways to use common container garden herbs? Here I share two recipes for some delicious foods.

Staying Healthy at Work star
If you work in an office environment, sometimes it's hard to stay healthy. Here are some tips to keep you from coming down with the latest "office cold" going around.

Teas for the Fall Months star
These three teas are great for helping your body and spirit transition from Summer to Winter through Fall.

Three Herbs for Cold and Flu Season star
Instead of reaching for an OTC this cold season, try one of these herbal remedies!

Three Herbs for Colds and Flus star
As the temperature gets colder in various parts of the world, many of us are starting to get those sniffles and are looking for ways to catch those colds before they show up full force. In this article, I�ll talk about some herbal remedies that are better options for helping your body recover.

Tips from an Expert on Going Vegan star
I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracye McQuirter, author of By Any Greens Necessary, on incorporating a vegan diet into your life. Here she gives 3 easy ways to begin.

Top 3 Quick Self-Care Tips star
It's hard to take care of yourself when there is so much else to do right? Well here are three quick ways to make sure you prioritize yourself too.

Top Remedy for Hot Flashes star
Food choices can really make the difference between dealing with hot flashes all the time and possibly never experiencing them again. Here are some foods to avoid.

Travel Wellness Kit - Practical Items star
In this next installment of the basics of a Travel Wellness Kit, I'm going to name a few practical things that are easy to forget.

Two Quick Tips for Keeping Cool star
Here are two quick tips for keeping cool this summer. Sometimes you need some quick fixes and here are two of my favorites...

Using Food to Control Acid Reflux star
Learn which foods to incorporate and which ones to avoid in your diet to help rid yourself or someone else of acid reflux. Your diet is your most important ally!

Using Herbs to Control Acid Reflux star
Read on to find out how to use herbs to help combat acid reflux.

Weeds - Not Just Garden Pests! - Part I star
Want to get to know your weeds better? There is a reason to appreciate them and if you´re gusty enough, even to love them! Keep reading to find out more!

Weeds - Not Just Garden Pests!-Part II star
Find out more about the nutritional value of some of our common weeds! You´ll be surprised at how good they can be! Wondering how to use them? Keep reading!

What Causes Acid Reflux? star
Do you suffer from this ailment? Not sure? This article talks about what Acid Reflux is and some of the common causes.

What Makes a Good Sunscreen? star
Read on to learn what makes a good sunscreen, what SPF is, and the difference between a physical and a chemical sunblock.

Why Almonds are Good for You star
Almonds are considered a 'superfood' and rightfully so! Read on to find out the top 3 nutritional benefits to regular consumption of almonds...

Why Choose Vegetarianism? star
Why choose vegetarianism? Read on for reasons and a few ideas to help you make the transition.

Why Not to Choose OTCs for Colds and Flu star
Before you reach for an over the counter medication for your cold or flu, consider what your symptoms are really for..

Why OTCs are Not Good for Colds star
Did you know that often times OTCs make it much harder to get over a cold or flu? Read on to find out why....

You Go, Goddess-Girl! star
Bellydancing is a wonderful, soul-gratifying way to get in shape! Find out why Dolphina´s goddess workout tape is a great choice to get you started!

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