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This subject contains reviews on books that I believe profoundly speak to the topic of wellness in intriguing and thought-provoking ways. Let me know what you think!

28 Days - What Your Cycle Reveals about You star
Finally, a book that helps you understand you down to the day! Men you can learn a lot too!

365 Energy Boosters - Book Review star
Tired of being tired? Tired of walking around like a zombie all day? This book has 365 ways to help you gain your energy back and keep it high. And its fun to read too!

A Better Brain at Any Age-Book Review star
A Better Brain at Any Age presents ideas on how to improve your brain in an easily readable, user-friendly format. I highly recommend it as a "safe" guide for anyone uneasy with the intangible benefits of stress-reduction, meditation, etc. Read on to find out more!

A Fresh Approach to Chakra Healing star
Working with your Chakras to change your life can be a lot easier than you think - read on about two books that together, make it a deliciously simple endeavor...

A Perfect Last Minute Mother's Day Gift star
Looking for a last minute Mother´s Day Gift? Find out why I recommend this book - it could change your mother´s life!

Be the Change You Want to See - Book Review star
Are you looking for practical, easy ways to become a part of the solution to our world´s problems rather than at best passively watching them continue to fester? This book will help you make a year´s worth of difference.

Be the Change You Want to See - Book Review star
Are you looking for practical, easy ways to become a part of the solution to our world´s problems rather than at best passively watching them continue to fester? This book will help you make a year´s worth of difference.

Chakra Tonics - Book Review star
Have you every thought about what effect your beverages of choice have on your chakras? What about balancing your chakras through what you drink? Chakra Tonics talks all about this.

Choosing Serenity star
Jane Nelson has written a masterful book that looks at how to gain serenity through practicing 4 key principles. I found this book to be endearingly simple in a profound way. Read on to find out more about it.

Every Moment Matters - Book Review star
Every Moment Matters is a great book, especially for the times we are living in. This book encourages you to appreciate the "small moments" of life, the times that are easily missed but that bring so much meaning and joy to life.

God For President - Book Review star
What if God ran for President? Lisa Venable has written a beautiful tale that explores this very question. Read on to find out more about it.

Healing Magic - A Gift for the Nature Lover star
Robin Rose Bennett, my mentor, has written a warm and insightful book "Healing Magic, A Green Witch Guidebook". This wonderful book is like having Robin there with you to guide you on your journey of appreciating the healing gifts of Mother Nature.

Healing with Crystals and Gemstones - Book Review star
Are you looking for help on how to work with crystals for healing? This book is especially great for holistic practitioners and can help you work with crystals for own healing as well.

How to Think Your Way to the Life You Want Review star
Bruce Doyle has written an amazingly handy book on how your thoughts create your life. He gives easy advice and encouragement on exactly how to do this. These are the reasons I love this book.

I'm Spiritual Dammit Book Review star
Jenniffer Weigel's book "I'm Spiritual Dammit" is a delightful literary treat! Jen writes in a down to earth, relative, and humorous way about her evolving spirituality and pursuit of happiness.

Interview with Jill Henry - How A Book Was Born star
Jill Henry, Author of the Energy Source Book, talks about what led her to write this wonderful book that is touching and changing so many lives!

Interview with Stephanie Rose Bird - Part IV of IV star
In this last section of my IV part interview with Stephanie Rose Bird, author of Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones, Stephanie talks about how to use Hoodoo positively within one´s life and how to go about creating community and acceptance! Do read on to see her wonderful words of wisdom!

Jill Henry - How the Energy Source Book Changed Her Life star
I was fortunate to have Jill Henry, the author of the Energy Source Book, answer a couple of poignant questions for me about her wonderful book and the impact it´s had on her life. Here she shares how writing the book changed her.

Jill Henry - The Energy Source Book's Effect star
This week, we continue with the interview I conducted with Jill Henry! In this portion, she talks about the effect that her book has had on the lives of it´s readers and gives advice on how to incorporate energy practices into your life!

Lean Forward into Your Life - A Review star
Are you having problems staying inspired in life? Dealing with the little problems? This book has some great answers. Read on about why I think this book is worth the read.

Nature's Healing Oracle Review star
If you are looking to learn more about the healing properties of plants and natural elements in a fun way, this may be for you! Find out more about this wonderful card and book set you can use for self study and divination!

One Minute Millionaire - How to star
This book tells you how to become a millionaire in the shortest amount of time and with enlightenment as your guide. Read on to find out why I believe it´s possible.

Raise Your Vibration Book Review star
Dawn James, Canadian vibrational healer, public speaker, and writer has written a wonderful guide to the world of vibrational healing. Learn how to incorporate simple ideas and practices into your life. Read on to find out more about this book.

Second Spring Book Review star
Second Spring by Dr. Maoshing Ni is full of gems for "women to revitalize and regenerate at any age." Focused mainly on perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause age women, it discusses what things they can do to welcome in the "Second Spring" of their lives.

Soul Without Shame star
This book introduces you to your inner judge and shows you how to free yourself of it´s command! It has been wonderfully helpful to me, life changing even!

Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones - Book Review star
Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones is a practical, easily accessible history and guidebook to the American tradition of Hoodoo. Stephanie Rose Bird shows how Hoodoo can be easily incorporated into your daily life to enhance your experience of happiness and wellness.

The Compass-Book Review star
The Compass is a great story and what's more, it really can be life changing. It's about a man that experiences a great tragedy, runs away from it, and is then led through healing by angels in his life. Read on to find out why I recommend it.

The Energy SourceBook star
How in tune are you with your personal energy? Do you know how to tap into it and use this innate power? If you find your answer is no or you feel like you could use a refresher, I highly recommend you find out more about Jill Henry´s Energy SourceBook

The Five Secrets... - Book Review star
Read on about a book that surprised me with how relevant it is and how profoundly it touched the core of my humanness.

The Genie in Your Genes - Review star
Epigenetics, the control of genes from outside the cell and energy medicine are the healing terms of the future. This book explains exactly how effective and worthwhile these are in clear, indisputable scientific terms!

Urban Soul Warrior Review star
Urban Soul Warrior, written by first time author Lalania Simone, is a workbook style text designed to take its readers on the path towards finding their spiritual selves. Read on to find out more about it!

What Should I do with My Life? - Book Review star
Po Bronson has written a brillant, life changing book. Read here why I recommend it.

Women, Food, and God Book Review star
If you struggle with your weight, I highly recommend this book to help you finally get the results you want in the new year. Geneen Roth, the author, shows the connection between your weight and your spirituality and helps you make the changes necessary to succeed.

Zero to Zillionaire Book Review star
Zero to Zillionaire by Chellie Campbell was a wonderful read for me. It has concrete steps to take as well as motivational stories to encourage and inspire you.

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